The Blackstone League of Explorers

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The Blackstone League of Explorers

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Do you want to run Strongholds and do some casual RPing?
Then the Blackstone League of Explorers is for you 😄

This is something @Darthsavage1125 and me started cooking with before the announcement of the balance change and we thought we'd wait until the update to give people a chance to start fresh!

Here's the RP announcement:

Q: What's this?
A: A player driven casual RP initative, we simply strive to do some Strongholds in the game. Starting with the Dark Hold and working our way up. The first time will be only the Dark Hold so it's short and wont take up all day (y)

Q: When is this happening?
A: Tomorrow after the 6 PM reset we run Dark Hold, so get yourself a lvl 3 character until then and jump in. After that who knows?

Q: How much do i have to commit to?
A: Nothing! Come and go as you please, join us tomorrow after the reset for Dark Hold and jump in next time if you want to. This isn't a guild and any and all character affiliation are welcome to join in.

Q: I wanna run Strongholds but not sure about RPing...
A: Sit down because i'm going to reveal Seven's Secret to Roleplaying: It's not as much as what you do as much as what you don't do.
You don't need a four page background story, you don't need to craft an intricate alternative personality for your character. As long as you avoid the "out of character" lingo phrases you should be good!

This is a good opportunity to coast along and immerse yourself to get a hang of it 🙂 There are no such thing as bad or wrong roleplaying.
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