No more thieves guild intro?

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Re: No more thieves guild intro?

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I touched this up a bit.
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Re: No more thieves guild intro?

Post by TM5000 »

I just found the Thieves' Guild for the first time with my only Rogue toon, Fraelis, level 10.

Well, the Guild found him.

He only picked one lock. When trying to pickpocket, was not permitted without setting to hostile.

The first job I received is CR 22 so it will be a bit before I can do it.
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Re: No more thieves guild intro?

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Mask-inc wrote: Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:09 am you need to be doing "rogue like actions" before the guild leader of the thiefs notice you.
sometime it's really fast, sometime he just ignore you for a while.

still puzzled about this after all this time. Since my return to game I have a few characters with rogue as one of their classes and they are late teens and 1 is early 20s. By awhile, meaning that long? I've been doing rogue like things a lot. Anyone feel free to answer, not just the person above, dunno if they still play. Figured I'd reply here instead of making new thread.
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