Introduction of Land's End

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Introduction of Land's End

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What’s up guys and gal’s,

Get ready for a huge event to lead into the opening of a whole new world within our beloved server BSK, Land’s End!

Come ready to have fun and enjoy some free stuff along with connecting with our community!


- Friday - November 10, 2023 @ 4PM EST
- Blackstone Keep - By the big tree

We’ll be doing a giveaway at this time, and then right at reset (6PM EST) the new area will be released to the public!

New area has some requirements:

- Must be level 30 to travel.
- Must present 5 million gold to Captain Zim make the journey

Driller and the DM team will be present to make sure things run smoothly.
This took TONS of time for us to put together. Give big thanks to @DM Voodoo , @Yunim , @driller (and myself) for giving more endgame content for everyone to enjoy!

I hope to see you all there, this will be a lot of fun!
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