Addition of small areas for RP

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Addition of small areas for RP

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Here's a suggestion and a case for adding some small areas for general RP and how they could be formed and used :)
Important to note is that the idea is not for these areas to be an exception of the RP-Lite policy by forcing RP, but that they will be formed and placed in such a way that RP will be the natural use of them instead.,

Why add these areas?
The lands are a dangerous place, scaresly any area outside the city wall are devoid of monsters making congregation difficult. The idea of these areas are to create thematic places where people can gather and seek out roleplay.

What about guild areas?
They're great! This is a supplemental to those areas, not a replacement. While the guild areas are connected to each guild, these are more connected by theme to make them a more natural place for congregation.

What's wrong with the Keep?
Nothing! The same with the guild areas these are meant to supplement and provide areas for player and DM roleplay.

How these areas should be shaped and placed
* They should be small and intimate: I think this is important, i remember back in the ancient days when there were some RP specific areas and some of them were HUGE. These should be small and intimate to bring characters together, all examples below are max 4x4 areas.

* They should be accessable, the examples below are placed in areas fairly accessable.

* They should not be pass through areas and contain no "in-game" advantage. These areas are to encourage RP and character driven events, it's important that those who do not want to RP does not feel that they're missing out or feel like they interfere by passing through. The areas should be to the side and have no game mechanics for loot/gear for that reason (though many RP specific mechanics!)

Pros of having these areas and examples of use:

* People who are curious and willing to start RP can use these areas as a safe place to start, it can be intimidating to start off the cuffs in the keep not knowing if the recipient will answer in-character etc.

* Groups of characters who share classes/philosphy will have a place to gather. This could form "mini-guilds" who all share the area. For examples the Druids of the Keep can call a meeting in the Grove to discuss the matters of the Keep for natures perspective. The necromancers of the Keep can gather in the Old Cemetary for rituals and ancient secrets. Mercenaries can gather in the Cellar Tavern to talk of contracts. Bards can put on plays in the tavern scene. Some of these congregations might then grow into full grown guilds in the future in an organic way.

* DMs can use them as focal points for DM events (i could give some example here but truly the sky is the limit for this).

* They can be used for player driven events (a poetry contest in the blackstone cellar for everyone, a company of bards putting on an acting show with everyone invited as the audience). The Druids of the Keep announces that they wish to elect an Arch Druid. These could be announced in the RP channel in the discord or here.

* Spontaneous RP- Due to the areas being separated it might be counter intuitive as a place for Spontaneous RP, but characters could for example post in the Discord RP or here simple things like "Rumor has it that a necromancer named Noctavian is often prowling around the graveyard", then it's a great place to hang around and wait for people to show up and RP. As the areas are placed and designed for RP everyone should feel comfortable to be In character when encountering someone in the area.

* In fact - each of these areas could have an Town Crier NPC equivalent that does a server announcement "Rumor has it that character X has made their presence know in X area" - this would truly unlock the potential of gathering for RP

Below are just some suggestion and ideas of how such areas would look in game :) Feel free to suggest or workshop others and how they could look and be placed :)

Proof of Concept areas
As presented by "The Guide"

The Blackstone Cellar
"The Playful Maiden" get's all the customer the Bartender sighs to me. No one can compete with Cartigan and his portal room. But look around, can he provide an atmosphere like this? I think he is right, there is quite the calm sitting by the fireplace. The room to the side offers a large table, i can imagine adventurers plotting their next step against some great evil here. Theres even a stage! Luckily for everyone the audience is thin as i try out my singing voice. The path of the Bard is not for me, it seems like i am destinied to continue my chronicles in dry text instead.

The Hidden Grove
When the Talrash sect of Druids took control of the Great Grove in the Forest many of the Keeps Druids were dismayed. Rightly so. Little does the Talrash know of the Hidden Grove near the center of the Dark Forest where many of the Keep Druids and Rangers now gather. I hear there are whispers of electing an Arch-Druid that will speak for natures interest in Blackstone gathering. This is all good and well but i know that there are Druids that has a less of ideal view of the City and civilization and would rather see the trees rule Blackstone Keep once more. Should they gain traction the consequences could be severe.

The Old Cemetary
The first cemetary of Blackstone Keep is now an eerie place. When it was filled up the new one by Skara Brae was built and this one fell into disrepair. As there are no longer any Guards patroling the area i hear it has become a nesting place for Necromancers, Witches, Vampires and others of ill repute. Who knows what secret they exhange or rituals they perform in the dark? All is not lost though, i'm told that both Lia and Vor priest tend to the garden as well, not wishing the dead to be forgotten in the sands of time.

The Underdark is by definition a dangerous and violent place. How quaint is it that a small, insignificant pocket has been carved out inside it. Since this part of the Underdark offers no tactical advantage in the wars between the Dwarves, Drow, Umgahs and so forth it has become know as Respite. A place where exiled Drow, Duergar and other Underdark races can gather in peace. Many adventurers from the surface can be found here as well, taking in the small breath of peace in an Underdark at war.

The Snowy Hill
Many years ago when Grum himself laid the first foundation of the settlement that would become Bordermarch he used this hill as a base. It provided both protection from the elements and Bugbears, and view of the land to those first brave settlers of Bordermarch. When Bordermarch itself became more fortified and the walls were built there was no longer any use of the hill. But it still provide a place of solace in the otherwise cold wasteland. And from the top of the hill you can see all the way to the Frozen Way and to Skara Brae! Truly a magnificent place to camp by if you are in the vicinity.
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Re: Addition of small areas for RP

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I think, you should start to learn Aurora tool if you still don't know it.
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