Traps Targeting My Party

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Traps Targeting My Party

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Having some fun on a Trap-focus Rogue build, I have experienced an issue with the some Traps targeting myself and my party.
It seems to only affect the AoE traps (Electrical, Sonic, Gas Cloud.. Fire should be AoE but I haven't gotten it to hit multiple things yet, it is a tiny aoe)
They do not trigger from me and party running on them, however, if they trigger while I or party are in the aoe radius, they sometimes (but not always) hit us as well.

The wiki descriptions state that the trap should not target its own faction, and that the player placing the trap sets its faction to her own.
It seems like they should not hit me or my party, then? At least, not in Party Protected areas, which I tested in.

I have never actually played much with them before, so I feel like this self-targeting is not correct.. but maybe it is.
If the description from the wiki is indicating that the setter/party simply does not trigger the trap, but can be hit by it anyway, and this is working as intended, then I accept that and will be more careful with them. But if that is not the case and they shouldn't be doing this, I wanted to bring it to attention. ^.^

Have a good day!
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