Shifter Suggestion(s) (NOT DRAGON)

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Shifter Suggestion(s) (NOT DRAGON)

Post by Drow Arrow »

So since the last time i played a LOT, dragon has come a very long way. and in some regards has probably been messed with too much so for the remainder of this post for all intents and purposes I'm disregarding dragon and will be focusing on the Shifter Prestige Class it self.

The shifter class it self needs some tlc, more specifically shifters that focus more than just the 10 standard levels. there are a plethora of shapes a shifter can turn into but a majority of them are lack-lustre and pointless either due to stat blocks not being up to snuff for the server or their gear (though this last point is mitigated some what by the merging changes)

so my suggestion is this:

as someone invests more levels into shifter beyond level 10, the various shapes get stat increases or other benefits due to the players character becoming more comfortable with the shapes and honing their abilities to use them... hell maybe even more shifts per day for the feats that don't get unlimited.

obviously this would be something that would have to be done over time as doing large sweeping changes could be.. problematic, but you could start with just doing some of the most common shapes people use such as:
  • Risen Lord
  • Rakshasa
  • Kobold
Now there's plenty of other shapes that could be adjusted these are just a few that I know regularly get built around.

once again i'm not saying only make improvements to the shapes mentioned above, hell i'd like to see investing in shifter help all shapes improve and become more viable choices.

special note about the rakshasa though, since Beamdog decided in their wisdom to remove shifted shapes ability to use meta magic thereby removing the only decent damage the rakshasa has, maybe investing more into shifter could further improve the rakshasa's spells for example?
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Re: Shifter Suggestion(s) (NOT DRAGON)

Post by Bromium »

I think Manticore spikes need to be rated as magical for every N levels of shifter. +1 per 3 levels type of thing. or 5 levels.

more spikes at higher levels?
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