Horde/Summoning Event Sat/Sun 2:00PM/3:00PM EDT

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Horde/Summoning Event Sat/Sun 2:00PM/3:00PM EDT

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**Sunday time changed**

I will host an Event this Sat 2:00PM EDT 8/29 and Sunday 3:00pm on 8/30.

*Just a note, if someone wants me to move the time for one of the days. Post it here*

Please join if you can.

//Event summary
***This is for level 1 characters only. Please make a new character to join.***
This is a timed event, the party will have 15 minutes to complete it.
(I will observe this and adjust the time if needed)
Waves of mobs spawn.
When a mob dies it drops a flame.
Take these flames to any brazier.
When eight(8) flames have been taken to a brazier, the brazier will become lit.
When all braziers(8) are lit, a boss will spawn in the middle of the map.
The boss has a certain mechanic, observe carefully to be able to beat him.
If you kill the boss before the timer expires, you will be rewarded with loot and xp.
If you fail, then you will get nothing and the event will advance to the next wave.

A potentially large amount of loot will drop randomly in the center of the map.
How much depends on how many times the party members have died.
It is on a first come/first serve basis. Be quick or miss out. The loot will cleanup in 18 seconds, don't dally.

If you die or bleed out(-10), your PC will go into cut-scene mode for 30 seconds.
You will be invisible and not able to move.
After 30 seconds, you will be automatically resurrected.
Each death reduces the amount of loot the boss drops.
After the wave is complete, you will have 3 minutes before the next wave starts.
The waves are endless, but it stops giving XP when you reach level 20.

//Things to note.
The first time you enter the event, your character will be put in a ready room.
Your character will be stripped of all items, you will be given enough gold to buy what you need from the Event store.
This is where you will need to equip your character with the items they need.
Plan well, you will not get another chance.
You do not get xp or loot from mobs, only from defeating the Boss.
A balanced party will have the best chance.
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