Bug or Working As Intended ?

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Bug or Working As Intended ?

Post by XDragonDoomX »

Robe of Eyes vs Greater Robe of Eyes.

The 'Greater Robe' appears to actually be the lesser.

Both have search +10 / Spot +10 / T/Seeing 1/day

Robe of eyes also has 'Darkvision'

Not sure if the 'Greater Robe' needs/deserves a tweak .. or if it's some unfathomable mages jest.. 8)
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Re: Bug or Working As Intended ?

Post by Mask-inc »

true sight was nerf at one point, items with the ability would give real true sight. Greater robe was true seeing on at all time and the lesser robe was cast x/day, ense the darkvision on it.

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